Why partner with us?
Flex was designed to help owners earn more money while spending less.
We market and sell for you.
Acquire New Customers
Join Our Growing Marketplace
Promote your business to your target audience in the Flex marketplace where you can showcase your brand's unique story at no cost. Our marketplace has tons of fitness enthusiasts looking for their next fitness community.
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Make More Money with Your Members
Flex users sell days on your behalf leading to ancillary revenue for your club at no cost to you. Referrals are the strongest and most common source of new business. With Flex, your members become your marketing and sales department.
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Wether we like it or not, members cancel or freeze their memberships. With Flex, your members can realize more value from their memberships by selling days they can't use.
"We've sold more memberships by telling prospects about our partnership with Flex. The ability to recoup some of their costs is a huge perk for them! And we've had quote a few members opt to stay with us because of Flex Gym Share. It's wonderful!

-- Jessica Reiss, General Manager at One Boulder Fitness