Join an Online Marketplace & Community for Fitness Lovers
What is Flex?
Flex is an online marketplace and a community for fitness lovers. Flex uses membership sharing to help fitness operators make more money & spend less on sales & marketing.

How does Flex work?
Gyms and studios list their businesses on Flex for free, to:
  • Showcase their unique stories
  • Sell memberships and day passes effortlessly to customers
  • Build loyal member communities that refer new business

Why Membership Sharing?
Membership sharing helps gyms and studios ACQUIRE & RETAIN more members. Customers who buy their favorite fitness memberships through Flex can sell or donate days they don’t use. This added value attracts more members, who stick around longer!
Plus, every time your member sells a day, you make a cut. Because your members are incentivized to sell days they list, they become your biggest advertisers.

What does Flex Cost?
It’s completely free to list your business on Flex! Flex takes a cut of day pass and membership sales made through the app. We only get paid when you do, so we have as much incentive to increase your club’s revenue as you do!

Who uses Flex?
Flex is meant to be used by both novice gym goers as well as experienced fitness enthusiasts, and everyone in between. Flex is ideal for multi-facility users, price-sensitive prospective and former club members, travelers, students, and seasonal athletes who normally wouldn’t be able to commit to a membership. Flex allows for variety in the typical work out routine.

How is Flex different from ClassPass?
Flex sells YOUR monthly membership and incentivizes members to keep them longer. We value communities. Membership-sharing lets people experience more variety without leaving the reliable and familiar places they love. Flex prioritizes & creates partner revenue. Flex also plugs partners into a broader fitness network, where they can get more involved and connect with more target customers.